Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October at Cowes, IOW

To enter, please complete and submit this form before 9.00 am on Friday 3rd May after which the Management Committee will allocate any spare boats to new entrants, any ballot. Note that, under the current ATYRA Constitution, priority will be given to schools that took part in the 2018 regatta.

The entry list has been limited to a maximum of 25 boats.

Schools wishing to enter more than one team must agree that their second entry will only be accepted if the entry list is not filled by first crews.

Special notes on the Sunsail 40: Crews must be a Minimum of 9 with a Maximum of 12 with up to 3 declared ‘Ringers’ per school (not per boat). Ringers must not be either the Helmsman or the Tactician. A Friday charter is available to allow easy passage to Cowes. The Insurance damage deductible of £3,000 may be reduced to £800 at Sunsail’s option by payment of an additional £120 per day (for two days only). This payment is made direct to Sunsail in advance of the pick up.





Skipper and Nominated Crew






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